My Current Favourites

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hey guys, I haven't done a favourites post in a while so I thought now would be perfect.
In the last few months I have tried out lots of new products so here are some of my favourites.

1. I got this gorgeous red nail polish in a Glamour magazine 
some months ago and until trying it I hated the way red looked on my nails against my skin tone but now I absolutely love it.
It's bold but not ott (over the top) and nails inc is such a great brand for nail polishes so that's a plus.
You only need one coat for full coverage, and it dries in under a minute.

2. When I saw this nail polish by Rimmel I just had to get
 it as it is so different from all the colours in my collection.
When I go for a blue polish, I usually go for a shade much darker but as spring/summer is here I've been leaning towards lighter shades.
This lovely powder blue goes great with my complexion, love it!

3. Oh boy you're so fine!! is my absolute favourite nail polish 
and it has been since I bought it some months back.
It's so pretty, eye-catching but not pow in your face
 I love, love, love it
This is my go to nail colour which I carry around with me all the time

4. Aren't these leopard print tweezers just the cutest??
Other than them being leopard print(one of my fav prints)
this has been my lifesaver.
My eyebrows has been growing super fast lately so in-between getting them threaded I have to pluck them to maintain the shape.
I find these a lot better to grasp onto individual hairs as they are a lot pointer than normal tweezers.
If you're used to the standard tweezers don't worry it comes in the pack of two so whatever your preference you will get the job done.
 Only £1 in a pack of 2 from Primark

5.  Collection 2000 sheer loose powder is what I use to set 
my concealer and it works great for me.
It's translucent so once it settles into my skin I just use a large brush to brush of the excess and voilĂ 

6. If you want that nice airbrushed look then this brush is for you!
Even though it is called Elf Flawless powder brush I think it's amazing with liquid foundations.
Definitely a must have brush in any makeup lover's kit

 7. I have changed my eyebrow routine 
and now use an eyeshadow to fill them in as it is not as harsh as a eyebrow pencil. This real techniques brow brush has been doing the most amazing job for me and I use it every time I do my brows. The angle of the bristles are perfect to get that sharp, clean arch.

8. *cries tears of joy*
 I cannot live with my Elf flawless concealer brush
 It is absolutely perfect for blending out my concealer around my brows.
The big and fluffy bristle just get right in there and blend my concealer out within seconds and I also love using it for under my eyes as well.
You all need to try, trust me you'll love it!

9. As most of you know I'm a gel liner kind of girl
 but recently I have only been using L'oreal super liner black lacquer.
It took some practising to get back in the hang of using liquid liners but I really do like this one
I don't have to worry about it smudging during the day even after accidentally rubbing my eyes.

10. Another life saving product of mine is La girl pro concealer.
I used to use mac studio finish concealer under my eyes but lately it has been creasing really bad so luckily I had this in my kit.
No creasing and a super smooth application.
Another must have!

11. I've wanted to try a new nude to add to my collection so I looked around and I found this lipstick by Maybelline in the shade Coffee craze.
On me its a light, pinky tone nude which is great for during the day when I don't want anything bright. I do have to use a brown lipliner which makes it look a lot better for my complexion.

12. Y'all already know this is my go to pink gloss 
I do love my lipsticks but baby pink glossy lips will always be my favourite!

13. Recently I have really into glowy cheeks
 so this orange blush in my sleek blush by 3-pumpkin palette has been 
all I have been reaching for.
I get the glow and colour that I want in one application.
Orange blushes look fabulous against darker skin tones so for all my brown skinned ladies who 
want some colour on their cheeks without looking wow this blush is for you.

14.  I have been using my sleek palettes non stop since
 I purchased them,most especially the Sleek ultra matte v2 . I've changed my eyebrow routine slightly and now use the dark brown shade in the palette( Paperbag) to fill in my brows as I feel using a eyeshadow gives more of a natural look.
Absolutely love the turn out of my brows when I use this.

15. This product is amazing!!!
I originally got the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in dark deep but it turned out to be too dark but as I was so keen to try it out I  went ahead and purchased it in dark and i'm so happy I did. Ever since I tried this powder I haven't reached for my old time favourite by sleek. It gives the most flawless finish and I recommend this for anyone who wants a powder that will set your foundation well and give you that flawless finish.

16. I wish I discovered this Elf Make up mist & set 
spray ages ago as it has come in so handy during my make up application. I love to use this on myself as well as my clients. It doesn't make my face feel stiff or dry after using it unlike some other setting sprays.
I spray this on my brush and then use the brush to work in my foundation and it lasts all day!
I mean literally all day!

 17.I have been wearing lashes a lot on casual days and these
 wispy style lashes have been my go to everyday. They are perfect for adding length but don't look unnatural.
If you want a more glam look they look fab doubled.

As for jewellery, on uni days I really don't have time to fuss so I go for this necklace and pair of earrings. 
Literally wear this duo everyday!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post even though it is quite long:)
My 1st year of uni is finally over which means I will have a lot of time to blog
*whoop whoop*
Stay fierce and fabulous,


  1. I love the Rimmel nail polishes you features. I'm a nail polish hoarder. I have about 50 and am still not satisfied. I actually think I'm trying to put a mini Superdrug in my bedroom loool. I used to use the ELF mist spray too, I can't remember why I stopped. I'll have to repurchase. I didn't know you were in first year like me. What course are you doing? xoxo

    1. Thanks hun :)
      I'm studying Fashion Design
      and omygosh i'm turning into a nail polish hoarder, just cant get enough