The Shift Dress

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Heyy everyone
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had quite a busy week but I'm back to posting as usual! :)

On Tuesday I went to the end of year exhibition in my college,where my work was on display. It was a really nice day because I got to see my classmates and catch up after finishing my course.

My OOTD was inspired by the 1960s MOD trend which consisted of a lot of black and white and stripes. I decided to go for a really simple and chic look, so this shift dress was perfect for the occasion. 

Dress: Primark // Cardigan : Primark 
Leather Boots: Risky // Tights: Matalan // Clutch: Primark

What's on my face?
No Foundation
Eyebrows: Sleek lip pencil- Rich Brown & Vital eyebrow pencil in Brown
Gel Liner: Collection 2000 'Lasting Colour' Black
EyeLashes: La Beaute- Glama Lashes, style A-57
Lipliner: NYX- Dolly Pink
Lipstick: Barry 52(Shocking Pink)
Tear ducts: Highlighter from Sleek Contour Kit(Medium)
Cheeks: Sleek blush- Flushed

Hope you all enjoyed this post!
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Toyo xxx

New Bits & Bobs

Friday, 21 June 2013

Heyy lovleys, 
Just thought I'd share with you all the bits and bobs 
that I have picked up over the last week.

Collection 2000 Lip Gloss Lock N Hold- Body pop(My favourite pink lipgloss), Superdrug- £2.99
MUA Pro Instense Kisses Gloss Sweet Nothings, Superdrug- £2.00

Sleek Lipstick True Colour- Mystic(matte finish), Superdrug- £4.99
 Barry M Lipstick- Shocking Pink(Mac Candy Yum Yum dupe), Superdrug- £4.49

Sleek Contour kit- Medium, Paks cosmetics- £6.49
La Colours Jumbo Eye Pencil- Seashells, Beauty Base- 99p

Swatches, Top-Bottom:
Sleek Lipstick True Colour- Mystic(matte finish)
 Barry M Lipstick- Shocking Pink 
Collection 2000 Lip Gloss Lock N Hold- Body pop
 MUA Pro Instense Kisses Gloss- Sweet Nothings

Black lace up wedge boots, Risky- £4.50(Bargain!!!)

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post!
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Toyo xxx

Oh Yes Please!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Heyyy everyone! 
Thought I'd do a post on some things that I would love to get my hands on this month.

1. White Textured Skater Dress, Newlook
2. "Pigeon" Gold detailed tote, Aldo
3. Rainbow Gem Double Wrap Gold Bracelet, Taro collection
4. Tort Ridge Detail Cat Eye Sunglasses, Asos
5. Extra long Senegalese twist
6. Black Combination High Heel Sandal, Zara
7. Rainbow & Clear Swarovski Heart Gold Chain Bracelet, Taro collection
8.Bernina 1008S Sewing machine, Bernina sewing shop

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post!
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Toyo xxx

DIY Stenciled Leopard Print Top!

Friday, 14 June 2013

DIY has always been exciting for me as I LOVE to experiment and add my own personal touch to my clothing. 

Today's post is based on my first DIY stenciled top.I have made my own printed tops in the past but I used the screen printing method . I decided to go for a open back just to add a little twist to the style of the top :)

Below are the steps I took in creating my first stencilled top
 hope you all enjoy!
Things you will need for this top:

1. Plain white t-shirt (3 for £5 in Walthamstow)
2. A sponge or thick paint brush
3. Fabric paint -Black and Phthalo blue( I used acrylic paint as this is what I could find at the time)
4. Scissors
5. A ruler
6.Carving knife
7. A pencil
8.  Needle and white thread
 9. Print design on A4 cartridge paper
10. Newspaper

Step 1

 Create your stencil by using a carving knife to cut out all the black parts of the design

After being extremely patient, this is the completed stencil :)

Step 2

Flip the t-shirt so that the back is facing upwards.

Cut along the line drawn, making sure you are only cutting through the back of the t-shirt.

This is what the t-shirt should look like once cut.

Step 3

Lay down some newspaper just in case things get messy.

Place the stencil where you would like to add the print and start filling in sections. I used a patting motion so I could have more control. You can also change the colour of  the paint depending on the look you are going for.

Continue doing this until you are satisfied with the look of the print.
This is what the stencil will start to look like after some time.

Below: Close ups of the final print

Step 4- Finishing up the back
Place one side of the neckline on top of the other. You can use a safety pin or dressmaking pins to hold the fabric together.

Thread the needle and begin to sew along the original stitching of the neckline.

The Final Look!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have creating it.
 Do not hesitate to contact me via email if anything is unclear.
 I'll definitely get back to you:)

If you do decide to do try it out, take some snaps and tag me on Instagram or email me the pictures.
I would love to see them !

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Haute Couture Heaven

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Heyy Guysss :D

Fashion to me is being able to transform. Fashion takes influences from mood, environment and personality. It is the clothing one wears which allows a person to experiment and be individual. Fashion has the power to show status, reflect culture and authority as well as diversity. Having the impulse to take an object, scenery or even an event and manipulating this into garments is what drives my absolute obsession with fashion. 

For those who don't know already I am a Fashion and Textiles designer in the making and as much as I love hight street clothing, Haute couture is the way for me!

(Photos sourced from Google Images)
 Fairytale frocks from the king of Oscars fashion 
Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2012

Lebanese designer Elie Saab in my eyes is the genius behind many of the memorable creations seen in the last decade at the famous ceremony "The Oscars" and is also my no.1 favourite Haute couture designer. This collection is the ultimate ensemble combining romance and glamour using intricately cut crystals alongside with gentle, sheer fabrics fit for Hollywood dazzle look. The collection is a dreamy array of fairytale frocks in ice-cream colours of mint, peach and cream. I Love everything about it from the colour palette to the delicate detail.

Hairstyle & makeup: 
Once again it has been proven that you just cant go wrong with ponytails . Elie Saab encourages long faux lashes, metallic lips, very thick eyebrows and neutral eye-makeup.

Now this is what I call Elegance at its finest !!!

Stephane Rolland's spring/summer 2012 collection is a sculptural collection inspired by the kinetyc art of Michel Deverne. Articular rehearsal and laminated spiral creations have fed Stephane Rolland's collection; the design battles between straight lines and smoothness, architecture lyric volumes and 3D cuts manner meet to create a fine waist silhouette with amazing shapes in the shoulders and sleeves. Elegant fabrics such as silk jersey, chiffon, gazar, organza and cascade of ostrich feathers dominated the collection and helped emphasize the soft lines. I love how Stephane Rolland understands a woman's body and takes risks with the shape of the silhouette. 
He is the definition of AUDACIOUS in my opinion!               


(Photos sourced from and Style Bistro)
Stephane Rolland introduced colour clashing fabrics as fierce red, pistachio and the classic black and white, gold accessories under the form of metallic gold waistbands and ample bust accessories.

Below: Close ups of the amazing detail and construction

Hairstyle & makeup: 
I love the pulled back straight look  with curved sculpted tips the models rocked down the runway. The eye make was very dark and intense while the rest of the face was kept neutral.

I am also obsessed with the late Alexander Mcqueen(R.I.P)

(Photos sourced from and Google images)
left to right :S/S 2010,  A/W 2012,  A/W 2009, S/S 2013
 These four designers are my key inspirations and I admire them all for their own individual reasons.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and learnt something about my sense of style.
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