Hair and Beauty

Over the weekend I had my lovely friend Deborah round and decided to create a really simple make up look for you all. I felt like doing a smokey eye so I kept the colours simple and opted for a dusty rose eye shadow for her inner lid and black gel liner blended out to create the smokey eye.

Make up tip!
To get a really sharp cat eye effect apply tape(scotch, masking or cellotape)from the lash line to the end of eyebrow.
Remove once eye shadow application is complete.

Products used
Base- La colours jumbo pencil,Seashells
Brows- Vital brow pencil, Brown
Eyeshadow- From 120 palette (Ebay)
Gel liner- Collection 2000
Eyelashes: Ebay
Lips- Vaseline, Rosy lips
La Colours lipliner, Smooth plum
Lipstick- Sleek, Mystic
Lipgloss- Collection 2000, Body pop

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