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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hiya guyss!

About 2 weeks ago I saw a picture on Instagram of the beautiful Jennifer Olaleye rocking a gorgeous pink lipstick- Air kiss by NYC and I fell in love instantly.

 I went to my local Superdrug to purchase this beaut but unfortunately it was out of stock :(
But I managed to find two other lipsticks which are fab!

The first lipstick above is Blue rose- The predominate fuchsia reflects a violet iridescence that creates the illusion of shimmer or frost, I am really loving this shade because it combines my two favourite lip colours ,pink and purple. Also instead of fading to the usual nondescript pink stain, it actually retains its blueish iridescence even after being blotted.

Left: NYC Blue Rose
Right: NYE Blue Rose with Collection 2000 Lipgloss- Body pop( in the centre of my lips)

The Second lipstick shown in the swatches above is Creamy Caramel- This particular lipstick is a great nude lipstick for my complexion. I have tried Revlon Mink and Fleshtone as nude lipsticks for me but I found that they are more on the peach side rather than the pinky side which I prefer. When wearing this in particular lipstick I line my lips with a lip pencil by Sleek in the shade 'Rich Brown'. 
This gives subtle definition to my lips and stops me from looking like I've eaten a doughnut(lol)
Price: £1.99 each from Superdrug

MUA (Make Up Academy) -Lip Boom!
MUA(Make Up Academy) designed in collaboration with Alexandra Burke, the brand new Lip Booms. With a lipstick on one end and a highlighting gloss on the other, they create the look of fuller, curvaceous lips. you can either use alone or all together for a bold and striking look!
It comes in eight shades chosen by Alexandra herself,, Vibe, O.M.G, Cheeky!, Doin' Good, Bring It, It's A Situation, LMK (Let Me Know).

When  I first spotted these lipstick I was a little reluctant to give them a try because of the glittery highlighting gloss that comes with each lipstick. But then I spotted a shade called 'It's a situation' and just had to purchase it. I'm so in love with this lipstick because it is a beautiful plum colour and also it's matte!
This has to be my favourite lipstick in my collection (I literally wear it nearly everyday!)
Price: £3.00 from Superdrug

Left: I lined my lips with L.A colors lip pencil in the shade 'Smooth plum'. This is how I usually wear this lipstick during the day.
Right:  For a little glamour and sheen I add Collection 2000 Lipgloss- Body pop( in the centre of my lips) and this is how I would wear this lipstick in the evening.

For those who don't know who Jennifer Olaleye is, she is a fabulous Make-up artist and Youtube guru.

Check her out!
She is one of my favourite Youtube gurus for Hair & Make-up

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog hun. You are beautiful and have much spice to ya. Keep rising star! I am also proud that you are into the creative side of beauty like me. :) I am a fan so keep posting no matter even if you feel no one is reading... I am. Subscribing now! :) wishing you the best! xoxo Minista Jazz

  2. Awww thank you, that was really sweet!
    Such a bbe mwah! xxc