My Favourite Hair Brands!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Heyyy guys!
Today's post is all about 'My Favourite Hair brands'.
 I often get asked what brand of weaving hair I use so I thought I should
 share a few of my favourites with you all.

For My Buns/ Doughnut Buns

For my buns I use Jazzy Super Wave synthetic weave. I use this brand because the hair is super soft and full. The texture of this hair is frizzy so if you are going for a big natural bun this hair is perfect.To achieve this look I simply put my hair in a ponytail and wrap the weft of the weave around my ponytail. I use bobby pins to pin it in place as I go along.

To get a sleek doughnut bun I recommend using a hair doughnut. They come in different sizes and colours depending on the length of your hair and also the colour. You can purchase one of these from Primark or also any store that sells cosmetics. 

Tight Jerry Curls

My favourite hair weave brands for tight curls are; Jazzy Pelo human hair, Premium Too(human hair) Jerry curl and Premium Now(human hair) Jerry curl. As long as these brands are maintained well they will last for a decent amount of time. I usually use 2- 3 packs in the lengths 12" and 10". Both Premium too and Premium Now come in various colours unlike Jazzy Pelo which only comes in Jet Black (1), Off  Black (1b), Dark brown (2) and light brown (4). These can all be purchased at any Afro Cosmetics store for £7.00-£12.00 a pack.

Long & Straight

In all the years that I have been wearing weave the two brands that have stood out for me when I have wanted long and straight hair would have to be Premium Now 100% human hair in the yaki texture and Premium Too Euro straight or Yaki. Both brands are available in all Afro-Caribbean cosmetic stores and the prices per pack vary depending on the length. These two brands can be straightened, curled with a curling wand or curling tongs and even with bendy rollers!!!

Above: In the pictures above my sister Aminat is rocking Premium Too Euro straight in 18", 14", 12".
This hair was purchased in Nigeria and is the BEST Premium hair I have ever used.
It is so soft, easy to curl and straighten. Another positive thing about this particular hair is when it is washed it bounces back to its original state. So that's two thumbs up!!! :)

Short Straight Hair

Even though I sometimes use Premium Too and Premium Now for short hairstyles, I have now found three new alternatives that I love!!!

The first brand is 'Sensationnel Bump Collection'. After watching many hair reviews on this particular brand I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed!
 This hair is great for those who know how to sew in their own weave but are not so confident at cutting it to get that perfect bob. The hair comes pre-cut and also wrapped around a styrofoam base to maintain its J-shaped curve and is perfect for creating voluminous feather wrap styles. This hair is also double wefted for a fuller look, which means you will save money because you will not need anymore than two packs.

The 'Sensationnel Bump Collection' comes in every colour from a 1(jet black) to pink, green and even Rihanna red!. So you can definitely find the perfect match for the look you are going for. Another amazing quality about this brand is that it comes in every length from 1 inch to 8 inches so no matter how short you want to go this brand can offer you exactly what you need.

Outre Duby is another brand with similar qualities, so if you cant find the Sensationnel Bump Collection in your local Afro-Caribbean hair store then do not hesitate to purchase it. 

Long & Wavy

Noble Gold is a brand that I can always rely on whenever I want wavy or curly hair. It is great quality for its price. Each pack ranges from £4.99 -£5.99 which is a bargain! So you just cant lose with this brand.
Sleek Noble Gold synthetic weave is made from premium quality synthetic fibre.It says it can be curled but I personally would not recommend doing this. This hair is really pretty and should be left in its original state in order to last. Noble Gold comes in all the natural shades so those who like anything from Jet black to Dark auburn this brand is perfect!

I would recommend using 3 packs if you want your hair to be really full.

For those who may want to ask me any questions about any other brands and ask what I would recommend feel free to email me with the style you are going for and also the lengths:

I shall keep you all updated if I fall in love with any other brands!
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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