Its a U-part!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Its a U-part!
'Long Hair Don't Care'
After a week of having my natural hair out for a break, I just couldn't take it
 and had to get my hair done. I decided to re-install my Brazilian U-part wig because I am just loving long hair on me right now.

What I used:

 U part wig- I learnt how to make U-part wigs from Fabulastiyisme and Peakmill on youtube.
Check them both out, they are super talented!

Expression braiding hair, Wide tooth comb, Rat tail comb, Curved needle,
Weaving thread, Scissors,Bonding glue and Remi or Brazilian weaving hair for invisible part.

I decided to bleach my Brazilian hair because I was bored of the same old dark brown colour.I left the bleach on the hair for 15-20 mins roughly.

After sewing down the U-part wig, I got my friend Abisola to do the invisible parting.

Here's the result!

There will be many more snaps of me rocking this hair in my next post.

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