Where have I been?

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Where have I been? 
I know that's the question a lot of you will be asking.

Truth is I've been in hiding(only joking) honestly since joining the Youtube world I have kinda abandoned my blog which is awful because this is where my journey into the beauty and fashion world started.

Dealing with change
I'm the kind of person that if my content isn't 100% in my eyes then I won't post
(sad I know)
A lot of things have changed in the last 3 months and during this time I've been doing some deep thinking. My emotions have been all over the place and I just want to be happy so in order to do that I need to focus my energy on positive things like blogging and being a Youtuber.
 I want to take things more seriously and see how I grow as a content creator.

Blogging is amazing but I am not the biggest fan of writing paragraphs if I'm honest so I joint Youtube as a easier way to share things I've bought, makeup looks etc
It is so much harder than you think but nevertheless I don't regret it.

Things are going to be different from now on!

I want my Youtube channel and blog to work side by side so when I have a new video up I will also post on here and if I feel like a blogpost is more suitable for what I have to share then expect a new blogpost.

It's exam season but nevertheless, 
It's great to be back

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  1. Welcome back hun. I totes get what you mean. I like writing essays on my blog so shall be joining you on YT shortly ;)
    Hope you're feeling tonnes better. I'm looking forward to seeing you more whether that be on Blogger or YT. xo