Happy New Year, I guess

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First of all Happy New Year muffins!!

It has literally been at least a little over 2 months since I last posted on here, I know *tut* *tut*
Truth is the last few weeks of uni were so hectic because of deadlines. I also lost the motivation to post which I think is due to just being so wrapped up in uni work but enough of that

It's 2015!!!!!

I've never been so excited for a new year to be honest. 
This year is going to be amazing I can just feel it!

So I thought I'd share some of my resolutions, here it goes:

As my teacher Simon would say 'chill out, why be so anxious?'
I didn't realise that I worry over practically everything until recently. 
From uni, weight, money(the list goes on) I just have to keep asking myself "Is it that deep?" 
Nope! so I need to chill out and live a little.

There's no holding my back this year to be honest
I'm feeling super positive and excited to try new things and just see where it all takes me.

Can somebody please cut up my bank card and block all online shopping sites? lol
If I like something I will get and if it's on sale there's no stopping me.
I hate the feeling of buyers remorse so I'm cutting back by seriously asking myself before I purchase something "Can I live without it?" If the answer is yes then *deletes tab* and *walks out of store*

4.  #Teamgetthatwaistsnatched
My weight is always on my mind and it really does get me down so I've done something about it and signed up for the gym next to my uni. 
So far so good!
I'll keep you guys posted

 Making more time for the things that make me happy is definitely going to happening a lot this year. Whether it's just being around my sisters, doing makeup, making Youtube vi.... whoops I'll save the rest for later haha

Anyways I hope you all had a fab New years and are feeling positive and ready for 2015


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