Makeup Revolution Haul/Review

Monday, 25 August 2014

 About 3 months ago I mentioned in a post using some Makeup Revolution eyeshadows and promised to do a review on some of their products,so here it is.
After hearing so much about this brand from other bloggers I had to see what the hype was all about.

  A lot of people have said these palette are a perfect dupe for the infamous Naked 2 & 3 palettes, and by looking at swatches on the internet I have noticed a similarity. The packaging doesn’t feel cheap or like it can be easily broken. A good base and the shadows should come out well , even on darker skin tones like mine.
 I have packed both in my suitcase and there has been so scratches or cracked eye shadows caused during my travels.
The palette comes with a sponge applicator, but I prefer using brushes. The only downside to the packaging in my opinion is the that there is no built in mirror.
The Iconic 2 &3 palettes both have 3 matte shadows and 9 shimmer shadows.
The shimmer shadows do comes of a little chalky at first but after a few swatches they work better.

Too see how some of the eyeshadows look on me Click here

Makeup tips:

To get better colour pay off, wet your brush slightly before picking up the eyeshadows.
This will help them stick better to your eyelids.

Pat the  eyeshadows onto your lid rather than sweeping it, this way your can get more product on and avoid creasing.

Iconic 2
Swatches from left to right as you can see them in the palette

Iconic 3
Swatches from left to right as you can see them in the palette

£4.00 each Buy here


I also bought 2 baked blushers which I am super impressed with the quality.
I went for two shades that I don't already own in my collection as I wanted something different.
The first blusher is called 'Loved me the best' which is a nice rosy pink and the second
 'One for playing games' is a combo of lilac and baby pink.

I can definitely see myself wearing 'Love me the best' but as for 'One for playing games' I think it is too light for my complexion and will come off ashy. I plan to try it mixed with another blusher or even as a highlighter.
(Will let you know how that goes)

Swatches from left to right as you can see them 
Loved me the best
One for playing games
£2.50 each Buy here
I discovered a product by Stila cosmetics called Magnificent metals foil finish eye shadow on youtube many months ago and went on the hunt to purchase it. After seeing the price (£26.80-£33.50) I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much on a foil finish eyeshadow.

Thank goodness Makeup Revolution have this product 'Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow' which is so similar but at a affordable price.
I chose the shade rose gold as I thought It would look great as a tear duct highlight.

Just like the Stila version, It comes with a liquid primer and mixing tray to so you can mix and apply for a smoother finish.
Really easy-to-apply, you can opt for a sheerer look or build up the intensity.

Swatches without and with liquid primer

Overall I am really impressed with the quality and price of Makeup Revolution products and will be purchasing more. I would recommend all of the above to makeup beginners and those who are more experienced.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!!!
Stay Fierce and Fabulous


  1. The eye foil looks gorgeous, the shade is so beautiful! The palettes look amazing too!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. It really is!
      You should give them a go :)