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Thursday, 11 July 2013

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I've had soooo many request to do a post based on drugstore make up products that I would recommend for beginners and also for those who would like great quality but for a pocket friendly price.


For those who didn't already know I only began wearing foundation last year and this is simply because I don't think it is totally essential for me and i struggled to find my correcdt shade. I first tried MAC and Sleek but found that their foundation didn't match my yellow undertone well enough for me. I decided to give Mary Kay- Timewise Luminous Wear Foundation
a try since so many ladies had recommended it to me. I love this foundation because it is nearly my exact shade so I don't have to worry about looking ashy or looking darker than i actually am. This foundation gives me a nice flawless and radiant glow with a small amount so a little goes along way. 

The foundation comes in 21 shades from Fair- Dark and in two types:
Luminous wear - For normal to dry skin
Matte wear- for oil skin.
Price: £16.00

Even though this is not a drugstore product I just had to share it with you all as i have been very pleased with the results.
To get you hands on any Mary Kay products all you have to simply do is click on the link below

Enter your postcode and you have the choice of selecting a beauty consultant near you. 
Simply give the consultant a call and arrange a time and date.


The powder that I use all over my face after applying my foundation is by Sleek and is called Luminous Pressed Powder and it contains SPF 15 to protect against harmful UV rays. Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder is infused with light reflecting mica pigments for a fresh, dewy glow. I Loveeee this powder and sometimes if I decide I do not want to wear any foundation I use this powder by itself just to give me that nice glow.

It is available in 4 different shade so any skin tone will have its match. This product can be purchased from 
Superdrug or any Afro- Caribbean beauty supply store or even online at:
Price: £6.99




Eye liner is one beauty product I just cant live without, It just gives my small eyes this big boost of life.

For my lash line I use Loreal Superliner(1) which is great for creating anything from the dramatic ,thick winged eye-liner look and the very simple thin liner look. Another plus is how intense and black the colour is so you don't have to worry about reapplying and the colour becoming dull after some time. 

This product can be purchased from Superdrug for £6.49

For the waterline I would recommend MUA's Intense Eye Liner Pencil(2) which produces a precise and well defined line for accentuating the eyes with an intense colour finish. You can pick up this cheap and cheerful eyeliner from Superdrug for only £1.00

I have been wearing eyeliner for years now so I decided to try out gel liner last year as i felt more than confident with applying the basic liquid and pencil. Gel liner has to be my favourite type of eyeliner at the moment. I love how it glides on and the finish I get.

I would recommend Collection 2000 lasting colour gel liner.The packaging is super cute and small and is easy to stick in your make up bag and go.
Available in Superdrug.
Price: £4.99

Eyebrow Pencils

Ever since I started filling in my eyebrows for better definition I have used Sleek but recently I gave MUA's eyebrow pencil in brunette a try and I must say it is really good quality for its price.Sleek eyebrow pencils come in a range of colours from blonde to burgundy. MUA's eyebrow pencil only comes in the shades Blonde and Brunette and with this pencil it comes with a handy brush on the other end which is great for brushing all your hairs into place before and after filling them in. 

Sleek eyebrow pencils can be purchase in any Afro Caribbean beauty supply store for £1.49

Make up Academy eyebrow pencil is sold in Superdrug for £1.00


My two absolute favourite drugstore brands for lipsticks which I will forever go on about are are Sleek and BarryM. Sleek lipsticks give a high impact lip enriched with vitamin E and are also available in a selection of matte and sheen finishes. I'd definitely recommend giving these a go if you're after a decent priced lipstick 
that does exactly what it says on the tin. 
Sleek lipsticks are available in 30 yummy colours.
The quality is just simply amazing!
BarryM is also another brand which that I would recommend you all get your hands on , it comes in 22 shades so you are spoilt for choice.

I recently came across the new lip glosses in the MUA range,Intense Kisses lip gloss are £2 each. They are available in a wide range of bold colours and add just the right amount of glamour to lips whether you're strutting down the street or attending a big event. You can wear them alone or over your favourite lipstick for gorgeous kissable lips. I would say these lip glosses are a must have as they are really good quality for a more than reasonable price

The perfect high intensity lip gloss for any occasion!

Eye shadow

When I began wearing eye-shadow I would tend to lean towards neutral colours as I wasn't so brave back then.The two great palettes I would totally recommend for those who are beginners or just like neutral colours would have to be Sleek "Au Naturel" and Make Up Academy "Undressed Me Too"

Featuring a shade range that runs from the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal grey and a whole lot of naturals in between this 12 shade palette is perfect for all skin tones.

Absolutely Ideal for for creating the perfect look for any occasion.

Both palettes are available in Superdrug and can also be purchased online at :

Price: £4.00(MUA)

Lip Pencils

Lip pencils are available in every brand from drug store to high end but my favourite that I absolutely love is by NYX. They come in every shade of nude to the brightest pinks and purples. I would recommend lip pencils to those who have darker lips who would like to wear lipsticks that are on the lighter. Lip pencils are just great for keeping your lipstick in place so you don't have to worry about your lipstick bleeding.

For those in the UK these can only be purchased online at:
Price: £3.50

Some other lip liner brands that I could recommend which are easier to get your hands on are La Colors which can be picked up in any Beauty Base store and also Sleek which can be found in Superdrug of Afro- Caribbean beauty supply stores.

These range from 99p to £1.50 max.


As for blusher the only brand that I use at the moment isSleek. These Highly pigmented blushers are used to to brighten and define cheekbones and are available in 10 shades. The silky-fine texture provides long lasting blushers to create a subtle and radiant glow and suit all skin tones.Recently Sleek launched Blush by 3 which consists of the ultimate blush palette with 3 complementary shades in one mirrored compact. I would totally recommend these products because they last a very long time and also come in the most beautiful shades. My favourite is "Flushed"(above in the first picture)

Hope you all enjoyed this beauty filled post!
As usual if you have any questions to ask me regarding any of the products listed above 
or have a special post request, do not hesitate to contact me via email:

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  1. Love that these products are all affordable! I'm thinking about going back to Mary Kay foundation after reading your post. I've heard good stuff about it.

  2. Cheap and cheerful is what I call it lol and yes you should I would deffo recommend it x